Should you provide tax services for your clients?

It’s hard to argue against the benefits of offering a holistic wealth management experience: you add value to your clients, and they enjoy added convenience. Often, tax preparation services can be a critical component of this experience. Offering these services in-house can be one way to further enhance the value you deliver.

We recently launched Elevate RIA Tax Solutions (ERTS) to give RIAs an effective and affordable way to provide white-label tax preparation services to their clients.

Intrigued? Here are a few ways to determine if you and your clients could benefit.

Do your clients have complicated tax returns?

We can handle a wide range of returns complexities that will meet the needs of most client’s tax situations. Even clients whose returns are considered simple by a professional can still benefit from working with a CPA. That said, some clients truly have complicated tax pictures and should have their own CPA. To set you and us up for success, we help you select the right clients for the service.

Does your business fluctuate?

We recognize the ever-changing nature of RIA businesses can make it difficult to add a CPA to your payroll. To give you flexibility in the services you offer, we’ve built our ERTS process for scalability; it’s not a traditional approach. You can dial up or down our support as you and your clients’ needs change.

Do you wish to deepen your client relationships?

Providing tax services in-house is one way to broaden—and strengthen—your client relationships. Taking care of clients’ tax returns can not only given them peace of mind and more time but it can also help you streamline the experience you provide. Think about it: No more waiting on your clients to provide critical tax information.

Let’s talk.

As we launch our ERTS offering, we’d love to hear from you. Would your clients benefit from coming to you for tax services? Is a holistic client experience part of your RIA vision? What tax services do your clients need? Drop us a line today and let us know what your experience has been, and if we can help you achieve your vision.