Managed Fee Calculation Review

Are you being compensated correctly? Has anyone completed a random client review of your billed managed fees, or do you simply trust that they’re right? Can you explain to clients how their particular fees were calculated?

If you’re unable to confidently answer these questions, you’re not alone. In our work, we often come across RIA firms that rarely review their managed fees. Think about it: You’re charging fees quarterly, if not more regularly. At each instance, you could be undercharging or overcharging your clients, leading to a continuous miscalculation of fees—and the potential for compliance issues.

How does undercharging and overcharging happen?

Often, an RIA firm will rely on a software tool to manage these calculations. However, minor human errors within these tools could eventually lead to gross errors. Tracking and deducting managed fees from client accounts is time-consuming work. If you and your advisors are focused on serving clients and growing your firm, it’s easy to let these calculations fall by the wayside.

Could your firm benefit from a managed fee calculation review?

At Elevate, we offer managed fee calculation reviews to ensure you’re not undercharging or overcharging your clients. Not only will this save you valuable time, but a consistent review will put you ahead of the curve by preparing your RIA firm for a potential regulatory inspection.

We have performed a multitude of reviews focused directly on the accuracy of managed fee deductions from client accounts. Our managed fee calculation reviews go beyond resolving regulatory issues—it’s about protecting you. Let us help you monitor this high-risk area and avoid leaving revenue on the table.