How to Offer Tax Services to Your Clients Without Hiring a CPA

If you’ve thought about providing tax preparation services to your clients, the idea of having to hire a CPA may have stopped you in your tracks. Not only would this require you to expand your payroll—you’d also have to worry about potentially awkward, grumpy CPAs interacting with your clients. (Trust us, they’re out there.) Thankfully, there’s another solution: back-office tax preparation provided by a CPA firm.

I know you might be thinking “what?!”, so let me explain: You partner with a CPA firm that does the legwork of tax preparation while you stay in front of the client. Intrigued?

How would this work at your RIA firm?

Here’s a quick explanation of what this might look like at your RIA firm: Our Elevate RIA Tax Solutions (ERTS) group acts as your firm’s white label tax practice. Our accounting professionals work with you behind the scenes to provide quality individual return services to your clients. We provide templates, training, infrastructure, and a finished tax return signed by a CPA. What’s more, we also equip you with an easy-to-read planning and analysis tool to review with your client.

In other words, you get all the upsides of providing tax services while leveraging our expertise and training to avoid the landmines. Even better, your clients get tax services provided under your brand and messaging—and you can add value to your family office services.

What you won’t have to worry about

As I mentioned, this type of back-office solution will help you avoid worrying about the downsides of hiring a CPA. It allows you to focus directly on your client and not on cumbersome tasks such as:

  • Hiring, managing, and replacing a team tax preparer
  • Buying and managing the multiple software programs needed to effectively prepare tax returns
  • Staying up to date on filing and form changes
  • Maintaining expensive malpractice insurance
  • Purchasing additional office space and equipment

Be more for your clients

A back-office tax preparation solution does more than add capabilities to your firm—it can also help you deepen your client relationships. Plus, meeting your clients’ ever-present tax needs gives them a way to simplify their lives and worry less. And that’s a win-win for all.

Consider adding a white-label tax practice to your RIA firm today.

If you’d like to work more efficiently and effectively with your clients, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about how Elevate RIA Tax Solutions could work for your RIA firm.